Why Does My Engine Idle High After Cleaning The Throttle Body?

Why Does My Engine Idle High After Cleaning The Throttle Body?

Some people see cars as a luxury, while some see them as a necessity. Regardless of what part of the argument one decides to support, the fact still stands that cars are crucial for mobility. However, owning a car means asking questions like why does my engine idle high after cleaning the throttle body?

Usually, when one cleans the throttle body, more air is allowed into the engine, and the computer compensates by adding fuel. When this happens, the throttle body gets high. This isn’t a strange occurrence as the idle would be high for a while before the computer relearns the idle.

According to Robert Tomashek, an automotive mechanic, this usually happens when a car’s throttle body just gets cleaned, though the throttle is not well cleaned in most cases. I’ll explain more on the subject and why it is essential that you clean your throttle body as you read on.

Is Throttle Body Cleaner Necessary?

Why Does My Engine Idle High After Cleaning The Throttle Body?

The world has reached the point where daily human lives are somewhat dependent on artificial machines to help them. One major part of human life that is dependent on this man-made machine is transportation. This aspect of human life has taken a series of transitions from donkeys to cart-driven horses to vehicles.

But with the various problems that one comes across, one starts to ask, is a car a necessity. Can these various problems and challenges be overcome or overlooked?. For example, is throttle body cleaner necessary?

Owning a car can help to reduce the workload that one has to handle, but one must take care of his car. But this comes at a cost, as they can be inconvenient most times, especially when a part breaks down. One should take time to ensure that all body parts of the car are in good shape “throttle body.”

If you want to care to remain in the best condition, then throttle body cleaning is a vital maintenance routine. The throttle body has a key role in the smooth operation of every car engine. The throttle helps control air intake for the engine, so the throttle must be cleaned regularly.

If this routine is skipped, a built-up carbon deposit and grime would block the throttle body. This will result in the car not working at 100%. This is a major reason why throttle body cleaner is advised, and it must not be neglected.

What Is Throttle Body Cleaning

We encounter various car problems while driving; amongst them, If the throttle body is not cleaned and properly taken care of, it will affect the car’s smooth operation. Throttle cleaning is a process of using some form of cleaner to remove carbon-based particles from the throttle.

This method involves various steps until one gets to the point where the spray can be safely applied. Checking the throttle for grime and other dirt is a course of action to take if your engine is running rough.

One may wonder what signs one has to look out for to ensure a sound and healthy throttle body. 

Is Throttle Body Cleaner Necessary

Why Does My Engine Idle High After Cleaning The Throttle Body?

If your car must be in good health and expected to operate at 100%, then throttle body cleaner is necessary. A healthy car is a dirt-free throttle. As we already know, if the throttle is not looked into, the car starts to break down or malfunction. 

The next paragraph will explain some detailed steps that one can take to clean their throttle body. Next, contact your manual for further questions on how to clean your throttle. You can also contact a local workshop or dealership to know more about how you can clean your throttle by yourself.

For visual identification, the throttle body is often made of aluminum. A second way to locate the throttle body is to get someone to press the accelerator with the engine off. The throttle body has a direct connection to the gas pedal via a cable or link

For easy identification, throttle bodies are usually made of aluminum. Another easy way to locate it is to have someone press down the acceleration while the engine is off due to the connection of the throttle to the gas pedal through a cable link. 

A change that can be seen in the throttle shaft would occur once the acceleration pedal is pressed down. One should use rubber gloves, and glasses cause throttle spray can irritate the skin. And this product is extremely flammable, so be advised not to smoke or be close to flames.

For the vehicle’s safety, disconnect the ground terminal from the battery before you start cleaning the throttle.

Do well to label the hoses attached to the throttle body or air ducts before removing them.

The air duct that is attached to the throttle body must be removed. If this take seems impossible or too difficult, then take your vehicle to a trained mechanic to handle the job.

After taking out the air duct, put on the rubber gloves and eye protection before applying the throttle spray cleaner. Once the protective are on, apply the spray cleaner into the air duct. You can utilise a brush to clean off some dirt properly.

Ensure you use a tower to clean the surrounding body of the throttle and the engine before you reconnect it. Reconnection should be done according to the labelling that was done at the beginning.

Can You Damage A Throttle Body By Cleaning It?

Why Does My Engine Idle High After Cleaning The Throttle Body?

The throttle body cleaner is not designed to damage your engine or throttle body. Rather it is made to remove varnish, grime, carbon, and all forms of contaminants that get stuck on the throttle body. However, one must be careful when cleaning the throttle body to not damage it.

In conclusion, keeping a close eye on your car and paying detailed attention to it is a way to ensure it’s in good health.

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