Is It Legal To Build Your Own Car?

Is It Legal To Build Your Own Car?

Unlike before, people now utilize instant kits and ready-made items to build their dream products. For instance, people who have a passion for building their desired cars take their dreams to the next level by building their preferred models using kit packages.

Do you have the engineering skills and desire to build your dream car? If yes, I’m sure you must have considered ordering kit packages to start building your desired model. However, before going ahead to buy the kit packages, there are a few factors that you need to put in mind.

One of the factors is that you need to first ask whether or not the car you’re trying to build is legal. Do the rules and regulations of your state permit you to build and drive your desired car?

It’s legal to build your car from scratch. However, the car won’t be considered legal to drive until it meets the necessary safety standards. Keep in mind the rules about seat belts, bumpers, gas emissions, and other relevant components. Also, you must keep a good record of all receipts for proper documentation.

For you to build your dream car successfully from scratch, there are a few questions that you need to find answers to. First, is it illegal to build your own car? How hard is it to build your street legal car from scratch? Is it possible for you to build your car and register it? Read further to find answers to these questions and more.

Are Kit Cars Illegal?

Is It Legal To Build Your Own Car?

Before going ahead to answer the burning question above, let me start by talking about what kit vehicles are.

What are Kit Cars?

In case you don’t know, a kit vehicle is an automobile, which is readily available as a set of parts for the buyer to assemble into functional cars. Furthermore, kit vehicles are component cars – sometimes, automobile manufacturers can sell the packages, making sure they contain all the components required to assemble a functional car completely. That’s not all; you may also find the kits available as donor vehicles.

Here’s how Kit Vehicles work

Kit cars work the same way as the rest of the motor vehicles you see out there. One of the major components of a car – the engine – doesn’t always come with the kit package. As such, as soon as the vehicle is assembled, you will most likely have to buy the right engine from vendors and install it inside the car so it can become functional.

As soon as the kit car has been completely assembled, you’ll need to inform the motor vehicle department in your state about the car. They have to inspect it to see whether or not it meets the minimum safety standards for functional vehicles.

Let’s go to the burning question of whether or not kit vehicles are illegal. The answer to the question is yes; they are pretty much legal. But you need to meet up with the necessary safety standards.

What that means is that you’ll need to visit the DMV office from time to time so you can complete the registration process for the kit vehicle. You’ll need to fill a couple of forms; one of them is the Application for Original Registration. Another form is the Statement of Construction, which is where the need to have properly documented receipts comes into play. The form will allow the DMV to understand and determine the value of your car.

How Hard Is It to Build My Street-Legal Car from Scratch?

Is It Legal To Build Your Own Car?

Let me start by saying that it’s pretty much possible to build your street-legal car from scratch. While that’s the fact, you need to understand that the process isn’t as simple as you think.

First, building a street-legal car from scratch requires a lot of your time and money. Besides, you also need to have the necessary engineering skills to be able to build your dream car. So, before going to commence the project, you need to first ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have enough money to make this project a resounding success?
  • Do I have the mechanical know-how or skills to accomplish my mission?
  • Will I be able to dedicate lots of my time to see the project to completion?
  • Do I have enough space to carry out the project?

Your response to these questions will determine whether or not you’re ready to build your dream car from scratch.

  • After that, start by designing and drawing up blueprints for the car building project.
  • Up next, you need to proceed by sourcing materials and tools to get the work started. However, to do that, I’ll advise you to do some research and find out the cost from different vendors. That will allow you to settle for the best products that aren’t expensive.
  • That’s not all; for you to achieve success in the project, I’ll also advise you to do research online and look for already done projects. This will motivate you and guide you during your project.
  • Most importantly, you need to join discussion forums and connect with experts.
  • Schedule your time and understand exactly how long you need to see the project to completion.
  • Keep safety in mind and ensure all the components are working together.
  • Don’t forget the rules and regulations in your state. So, ensure all the components of your car meet up with at least the minimum security standards.

After successfully building your car, all that remains is running it and being sure everything is working perfectly.

Can I Build My Car and Register It?

Yes, you can always build your car from scratch and register it. However, it’s not that straightforward, as you need to consider a few factors.

So far you have enough budget, space, time, and mechanical know-how, you can always build your dream car. These are the three main factors that will determine how well you’ll be able to build your cars.

After building the car successfully, you need to visit the DMV offices to register the vehicle and complete the necessary registration.

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