How to Bypass a Killswitch on a Car?

How to Bypass a Killswitch on a Car?

According to one preliminary analysis released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the number of auto thefts in the US totaled 873,080 in 2020 alone. That is about a 9.2% increase when comparing the value to that of 2019, which was calculated to be 799,644 thefts. This trend shows that motor vehicle theft is a big concern, which needs to be taken seriously.

Kill switch is an effective anti-theft feature that most automobile users add to their vehicles. Its primary function is to stop the electrical flow from one of your vehicle’s essential starting parts, such as the ignition system, your battery, fuse box, or fuel pump.

No doubt, the kill switch feature is a great way of keeping your car from being stolen. However, it also has its issues, which is why some people prefer to bypass it. 

Bypassing the kill switch isn’t as simple as you think. You need to first locate where the feature is hidden inside your car. This is the hardest part of the process – if you’re lucky, you should find the kill switch somewhere beneath the dashboard. Pull off the two wires behind the switch and twist them together.

Is it possible to bypass the kill switch on a car? What is the best way to turn off a car’s kill switch? Is it illegal to remove “kill switch” from a car? In the rest of this post, you’ll find out the answers to these questions and more. So, relax and continue reading.

Can a Kill Switch Be Bypassed?

How to Bypass a Killswitch on a Car?

To answer this question, I’ll say yes, you can always bypass the kill switch feature in your car. However, you need to understand that this process can be complex, depending on the type of Kill Switch your vehicle is using.

People can always install the Kill Switch feature on their cars using several different approaches. You can check below to see some of the common ways:

  1. Ignition wire kill switch

The ignition wire kill switch is one of the most common ways to install the anti-theft feature in a car. This method involves setting up a physical switch or toggle button anywhere in your vehicle that has solid mounting. However, the positioning needs to be hidden and inconspicuous.

Ignition wire kill switch setup requires passing a wire, starting from the car’s ignition switch’s negative terminal through the firewall to the position where the switch is located.

If you’re referring to this type of kill switch option, then I’ll say it’s pretty easy to bypass.

  1. Remote controlled car battery switch

The Remote Controlled Car Battery Switch is another type of kill switch that you can bypass. This method of installation involves using remote controls instead of going under the hood every time to pull out your battery cables.

In case you lost the remote control and are wondering if the Kill Switch can be bypassed, the answer to the question is yes.

How Do You Turn Off a Car’s Kill Switch?

Now that you know that you can bypass a kill switch, the next question is “how exactly can you turn off a car’s kill switch?”

There are a couple of ways to disconnect the anti-theft feature in your vehicle. However, this depends on who installed the Kill Switch in your car.

How to bypass kill switch installed by car finance companies 

A kill switch can be installed by sub-prime car finance companies. The feature will allow the auto lender to stop your car if you’re owning them and fail to pay at the appropriate time. If you’re referring to this type of Kill Switch, you might want to be careful when trying to bypass it.

To turn off the kill switch successfully, you’ll need to see your car manual and carefully study the waiting diagram. Doing this will allow you to know exactly the wire that is used to connect the kill switch to your vehicle.

Once you can identify the kill switch wires, all you need to do is disable them. As earlier stated, you need to be very careful while attempting to disable the wires. Also, be sure you’re choosing the right ones, as any wrong move can affect your car or even alert the finance firm.

How to bypass ignition wire kill switch

How to Bypass a Killswitch on a Car?

Are you referring to the ignition wire kill switch? If yes, the method of bypassing the anti-theft feature is different from the one mentioned above. 

For this type of installation, you need to start by locating the kill switch. Sometimes, it can be hidden anywhere in the car’s dashboard. You can also check under your seat for the switch.

After locating the kill switch, try and check for the device’s model number. Next, go online and check for the manual to understand how the waiting was performed. This will certainly give you a clue as to what to do to bypass the anti-theft measure.

In the absence of a manual, the next option is to pull out the kill switch. After that, locate the two wires behind it and twist them together.

Is It Illegal to Remove the Kill Switch From a Car?

To answer this question, I’ll say it depends on a couple of factors.

So, here’s a quick question; does the car belong to you? If yes, then it’s never illegal if you decide to remove the kill switch measure on the vehicle.

Did subprime car companies finance you to buy the vehicle? If yes, you need to understand that unless you pay off the loan, you aren’t the owner of the vehicle. In this case, bypassing the kill switch will be considered illegal. Apart from paying the loan, you might also be penalized for this illegal move.

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