How Do I Change My Head-Up Display?

How Do I Change My Head-Up Display?

Advancement in transportation has made it so that a journey of days or weeks can be covered in minutes. This mechanism for transport has also seen so many forms of advancement and integration. This advancement has led to Head-up creation but you might ask, how can I change my head up display?

Your Head-Up display can be changed depending on automobiles specification. Generally, it can be found at the top of your dashboard, projecting it on the windshield. This can be accessed by going to car settings, display, then locate heady-up settings and check the box. 

Most times accessibility to your Head-up settings are usually different in terms of cars and version. But generally, they can all be found in the car setting. For clarification, I’ll explain what this means especially for those who are new to the term Head-Up. 

What Is a Head-Up Display? 

How Do I Change My Head-Up Display?

Engineers and researchers have always done their best to always come up with new inventions. It usually takes days to get to your destination, then one would wonder how tiring transportation was. Especially when you had to travel in a horse driven cart. 

This setbacks and desire to make lives better are usually what inspires most engineers and researchers. The tasks that seemed impossible decades ago have either been fully or partly accomplished. And some of this accomplished task is one that led to the invention of Head-Up Display. 

A head-up display or HUD, is a transparent display that can be seen on the wind screen. 

The head-up displays real time data to the screen, this data might include the status of the car, navigation details. The best thing about them is that they are positioned somewhere on the screen. 

So one can use the head-up functions or HUD without looking away from their usual viewpoint. Imagine driving and you had to look away from your viewpoint just to get a piece of information. Within that split seconds, an accident might occur, and because one loses focus, you wouldn’t be able to control it. 

Head-Up display was created to mitigate such incidents from happening. The head-up function was a design from pilots being able to access information with their head facing up and forward. It is rather unwelcoming for pilots to be looking at a different angle just to read some instructions. 

The HUD function is one that has been integrated into automobiles from planes. This functionality helps driving on your regular street better. And in the long run helps to eliminate unnecessary accidents. 

Can You Add Head-Up Display?

How Do I Change My Head-Up Display?

For those that have seen the movie Star-Trek, or ever seen fighter jet technologies. Those technologies are the HUD technology that has been integrated into automobiles. 

Although this little piece of machinery comes at a very expensive cost. They are most times found in high end cars. But not to worry, HUD now comes in a stand alone format that can be used in older cars. 

Head-up displays (HUD) were first used in fighter jets. They were designed to reduce distractions and keep the pilot’s eyes in one view point. Now, this technology is seen in vehicles to make cars and trucks safer. 

Not all cars come with this amazing technology, and not everyone can afford a car with HUD. The good part is one could equip his car with a similar technology and still have the feel of the HUD. There are aftermarket products that are sold at a lot lesser price for those that require the HUD. 

The information that can be seen in a HUD includes vehicle information, speed, temperature, GPS maps and other information. This information is printed directly on the windshield or on a portable device or shield. HUD helps keep your eyes on the road at all times, while accessing information about your current situation while driving. 

This information could be the status of your vehicle engine fluids or directions as you journey through the road. And some HUDs even have the ability to display more information than others. And there are different display types in HUD, some are customizable, while other are less customizable. 

Prices are very different too, some are very expensive, while some are pocket friendly. It’s best to check out the HUDs that are leading in the market and make comparisons in feature and affordable price. 

In some cases, your HUD can be connected through your vehicle’s OBD port to help you project real time data. Some of the best displays use a larger screen, but they are not too large that they would hinder your view. You can find a variety of features and colors and symbols, and they are easy to install and use. 

You don’t need to bother about being distracted by the HUD because it is designed to deliver information at a glance. 

One thing to know is that, data hookup and power to enable this information to be displayed on the screen varies. Before you go and purchase a HUD in a store, ensure it’s compatible with your car. Some HUD works solely with OBDII hookup.

Ensure you get the right measurement of your dashboard so the HUD can fit in. The distance between the power and OBDII must be taken into consideration. 

To power an HUD is not too complicated, as they can either use the cigarette lighter, USB or OBDII port. Just ensure your car has the required source to power your Head-up display. 

Another factor to consider is the screen size of the HUD, some screens are small for those without 20/20 vision. Some HUD have a larger screen display which might distract or impede the user’s vision. This screen size might affect people differently depending on how sensitive they are to the component printed to the screen. 

In other words, the screen size will determine how well and how much information you can get at a glance. So make sure you get the size that meets your requirements. If your dashboard is a smaller one, then consider getting a smaller HUD so as not to cramp your windshield. 

How Do I Upgrade Head-Up Display? 

How Do I Change My Head-Up Display?

Head-Up displays come with high end cars and they are built in devices whose settings and functions can be changed. They are cool in the sense that their brightness can adapt to the car’s ambient light. Being an inbuilt functionality having an upgrade for it most times proves difficult. 

A way out of this, is to purchase the standalone HUD in store. Then one can look out for the specifications that he needs in his HUD. 

In conclusion, head-ups are a really nice piece of tech that should be added to every car. Making regular navigation easier for drivers. 

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