Are Cars Cheaper In Certain States

Are Cars Cheaper In Certain States

When it comes to car prices, you always assume that the same car brands have an approximately similar price. Therefore, you never really bother to check whether in some other states you are going to find the same car for a cheaper deal. So, are cars cheaper in particular states, and what is the reason behind this? 

Car prices vary from state to state, and that usually depends on factors, such as taxes, dealer fees, and so on. For example, cars in Florida are way cheaper than the ones in New York. Even though you might be good at negotiation, those skills do not play a very important role in a car purchase. 

Below, I will discuss car deals in different states, and why it is important to get yourself familiarized with this information. I will also discuss the reasons behind the cheaper car deals that you might find in different states. So, if you are planning to buy a car, make sure that you read the things I have provided since they might be really helpful, and you might find yourself a great deal for your new car. 

Are Cars Cheaper In Certain States? 

Are Cars Cheaper In Certain States

If you have lived in the same state your whole life, you probably never thought about the car prices in different states. Most likely, you have thought that the car prices are approximately the same wherever you go. Also, you may believe that negotiation skills play a crucial role in the purchase of a car, so you expect that if you are good at haggling, you might get a good price. 

However, in the car business, things do not work that way, and you need to consider a few more things before assuming the things I mentioned above. Firstly, the prices of cars vary from state to state, meaning that you can find the same car way cheaper in a particular state than it is in yours. Secondly, negotiating skills may help you in getting a good car deal, however, they are not the main factor. 

The reason behind different car prices is that different states have different laws and regulations. Therefore, you might find the same car for a cheaper price because a certain state has lower registration fees, taxes, dealer fees, and so on. That means that haggling would not help you initially. 

For instance, you can find way cheaper cars in Florida and New Hampshire, than in California or New York. California and New York are known for their higher living standards, therefore, it is understandable that they have higher taxes, especially when it comes to car sales. 

That is why when you decide to buy a car, you might consider doing it out of state. You can find most of the information online, so you do not have to go from state to state in search of a good car deal. 

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Car Out Of State

Purchasing a car out of state can be beneficial for many reasons, not only for the good prices. For example, you have set your eyes on a certain model, but you cannot find it anywhere around your state. You can just search it online, and there is a great chance that you are going to find it for a quite good price. 

However, even if you have already made the decision to buy a car out of state, there are certain things you should know before making the purchase final. 


When it comes to emissions, your car may pass the emission standards in the states from which it originates, but it might be difficult when it is your home state in question. California, for example, is the most strict when it comes to these regulations, so you may want to buy a car that is ‘California certified’ to avoid additional issues. Therefore, make sure that you pay close attention to these regulations, especially if you plan to ship a car to California. 


Do not forget about insurance because you might save yourself some additional costs. Some insurance companies offer you the option to extend your current coverage from the car you have at the moment to the new one. However, you will need to notify the company at the proper time, so they could make the extension. 


You have bought the car but now you have to drive it home, and for that purpose, you will need a registration. Dealers might help you in this case with documentation and similar stuff. However, if you make the purchase from a private seller, you should probably get informed in your local DMV, and apply for temporary registration. 

Cheapest States For A Car Purchase

Are Cars Cheaper In Certain States

You need to remember that the price of the car is not the only cost that you will need to pay. There are certain things related to the purchase, which if not considered, might lead to a higher price of the car. Below, I have listed some of the cheapest states for car deals. 

New Hampshire

This state is one of the cheapest for a car purchase because: 

  • It does not involve a sales tax. 
  • $25 initial fee, paid only once. 
  • Affordable insurance. 
  • Reasonable repair and maintenance costs. 

North Carolina

This state is one of the cheapest for a car purchase because: 

  • Low sales tax – only 3%. 
  • Inexpensive registration fees, 
  • Affordable insurance. 
  • Reasonable repair costs. 


This state is one of the cheapest for a car purchase because: 

  • Average initial purchase feels. 
  • Cheap gas prices.  
  • Most of the car-related costs, such as transportation, registration, and so on, are quite cheaper. 


This state is one of the cheapest for a car purchase because: 

  • Insurance and gas prices are quite low in comparison to other states. 
  • Lower registration fees.  
  • Low initial fees. 

As you could see, purchasing a car out of state might be of great benefit to you. If you have never considered this option, you should do it now, and find yourself a car that will save you a bunch of money. 

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